Electronic logging devices (ELDs)

Whether you call it an ELD (electronic logging device) ELOG or eLog, subject to the amended Canadian transportation regulations, many players in the industry are having to equip themselves with an electronic logging device. With the ODOTRACK product line, not only will you meet Transport Canada’s requirements, you will also be optimizing your fleet with the use of a single product! Our solution is recognized and certified by the Canadian and U.S. governments.

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The ODOTRACK ELD, a complete and integrated solution for managing fleets of heavy vehicles

Gain better control over your employees on the road and track the vehicles in real time.

Get accurate arrival times by geolocating the vehicles in real time. Keep your fleet running smoothly with alerts and paperless vehicle trip inspections.

The ODOTRACK solution greatly facilitates fleet management while reducing your administrative workload.

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Manage your account at any time on any of your devices (phone, tablet, etc.)

  • With ODO100

The advantages of our ELD

  • Log vehicle trip inspections (circle checks)
  • Register the driver’s actions (rest, hours of service)
  • Generate compliant reports for highway controllers
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Travel history
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  • Vehicle tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Tracking of kilometres travelled
  • Tracking of hours worked


  • Dash cam
  • Collision alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Driving score
  • Live communication
  • Risk management


  • Certified by Transport Canada
  • Vehicle trip inspection
  • IFTA report
  • Trailer management
  • Temperature monitoring


  • Preventive maintenance
  • Fuel management
  • Check engine codes
  • Fleet analysis
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Driver identification


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Active electrical management
  • Fuel cost assessment
  • Analysis of electrification needs
  • Engine idling

Increase of disposable income

  • Tax impact of motor vehicle deductions
  • Tax impact following the reduction of taxable benefits

Our mileage logbook and hours of service solution

  • Drivers can use the device’s camera to take pictures of documents and defects noted during vehicle trip inspections.
  • Hours are conveniently listed so drivers can easily review them.
  • The Odotrack tablet and portal sync up, giving managers real-time visual access to the company’s fleet.
  • The platform’s intuitiveness helps drivers with on-duty and off-duty time management.
  • Two languages are available: English and French.
  • Get accurate arrival times by tracking the vehicles in real time. Keep your fleet running smoothly with alerts and paperless vehicle trip inspections.
Outil de gestion de véhicules lourds DCE
Vehicules Geolocation


Real-time tracking

The ODOTRACK module lets you see where your vehicles are in real time, on Google Maps.

For every vehicle:

Obtain and set the travel speed.

  • See the last 10 points recorded.
  • Easily locate nearby favourites.
  • Simply and easily use the “Street View” option.
  • Obtain and set the travel speed.
Heavy Vehicule timesheet

Timesheet module

Customizable for every employee, this module helps you compile your employees’ timesheets (summary or detailed).

It allows you, among other things, to:

  • Calculate the hours worked on the road.
  • Manage isolation premiums.
  • Reduce wasted time.
  • Prevent errors that can be made when manually compiling the mileage and related expenses.
  • Produce statistical reports.
  • Manage your expense account.
Vehicules Geolocation

Administer your expense account

This module lets you manage your expenses by adding up the amounts and saving photos of your invoices.

  • Enter travel expenses.
  • Manage the expenses for all your vehicles.
  • Export your expenses to Excel.
  • Import and save photos of your invoices.
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