An Essential Tool for those
who earn a living on the road.

Employees and Self-Employed Workers:
Expense every kilometer you travel for business.
Never lose another dollar, thanks to Odotrack.

ODOTRACK makes your life easier

anytime, anywhere

ODOTRACK doesn’t rely on your mobile phone to track all your trips, 
or to generate a detailed logbook and comprehensive tax report.
No more lost data, no more lost time.

Your trips are tracked precisely, providing a level of detail
that works in your favour come taxation time.

ODOTRACK pays for itself

  • Odotrack is tax deductible (if you’re eligible)
  • Save time and the hassle of doing it yourself
  • Optimize your eligible kilometers via the simplified logbook method.
  • Protect your savings from future audits. We store your data for seven years.
André Lamontagne, 28
  • Financial Advisor
  • 2015
    BMW X5
Monique Fortin, 52
  • Real Estate Broker
  • 2015
    Mercedes E-Class
Michel Gauvin, 37
  • Sales Rep
  • 2015
    Acura MDX

* The amount saved is provided here as an example of potential savings using fictitious numbers. Your actual savings may be greater or lesser based on the percentage of business use, your income tax bracket and a number of other factors.

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